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Newer Direction

So, I've been hit with a serious depression sparked by a mid-life crisis, egged-on by my big dreams that lack a drive. I feel like I'm shooting for the wrong goals.

I thought ditching games for music for a bit would help, but I am so out of practice on music that I realized I didn't want to invest the time to make that fly. Not right now anyways. So I put all that away to focus on creating worlds. But... I realized that's not turning my crank like I thought it would. It is literally work for the sake of work. Ugh. Not what I wanted.

What I am - honestly - is a GM (for the non-gaming nerds, that stands for Game Master, or Dungeon Master or the person who runs the tabletop roleplaying game...). Sure, I create worlds and setting stuff and adventures. Much of it in a "quasi-sandbox" mode, partly on the fly, using prepared pieces that form into fully-fleshed out THINGS as I need them. It's part improvisational acting and part sous-chef of GMing bits brought to…

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