GURPS and Settings!

My Big Plans - May 2018

1) I am tired of trying to publish and more importantly trying to find a system I like outside GURPS (so I can "publish" with it). So, I’m going to just run/play GURPS. It does everything, so I can create, run, and play anything without having to memorize 3 systems.

2) I am going to build worlds and adventures and ready-to-play intros to GURPS using World Anvil.

3) I am going to start a Patreon where people can support my efforts in exchange for more access to my work on World Anvil.

4) I’m going to start a regular VBLOG/VCAST that talks about GMing, building worlds, playing GURPS and anything else that strikes my nerd fancy.

5) I’m going to go back to Crossfit in the eves after work.

6) I’m going to take some Yoga on SAT mornings to increase my flexibility.

7) I’m currently playing in my Sunday GURPS game and will be running a GURPS game for them soon (The MSG Game).

8) I’m running (and possibly playing sometimes?) in our Saturday biweekly game (My South Game). It is on break until after the summer.

9) I’m going to start a new Saturday biweekly game at my home to run opposite the South game (My North Game). This too will likely be on break for the summer (so I can prep GURPS stuff!).