Robots. Hate. Me.

In my quest to do some music, I picked up a new pro sound card. My old one finally gave up the ghost. So, I planned to update from Firewire to Thunderbolt, as the new TB interfaces are LIGHTNING fast! See what I did there?

So, I picked up the Thunderbolt adapter compatible and made BY my motherboard manufacturer (ASUS), updated my BIOS, installed the card, and...

Nothing. No BIOS screen, just whiz and black screens. I decide to sleep on it.

Fast forward to today (SAT), and still nothing. After HOURS of diagnosis, I flash the BIOS. Still nothing. Finally, I throw up my hands and take The Beast to Fry's.

Dude plugs it in, and it posts. BIOS shows up, everything works. We notice the fans aren't working, so I pay them to install a new fan. I leave.

Get home, plug it all in and... NOTHING. Eat dinner. Calm Trent. Calm.

After flashing the BIOS four more times I find the magical combination of USB settings and Thunderbolt settings that allow me to a) boot the damn computer b) get into the BIOS and c) safely boot up my Windows.

GAH. What a shit day. I spent my entire SAT trying to get my computer working. Guess WHAT? Still not in the music. Still not done...

I decide to use Windows God Mode to setup a Striped set for the drives I recovered in the mess above (lost a RAID array, destroyed it, moved the drives to the secondary controller... pain, sadness, HORROR) and now God (who apparently hates me) has his MODE taking its sweet time formatting my disks. Like hours of time.

So, maybe sometime before my scheduled GURPS game tomorrow at Metro Seattle Gamers, I will be able to load up my new sound card and play... let's be simple here... some Spotify? I mean, there's NO WAY IN THE 7 HELLS of COMPUTER HATE I'm going to be able to load up FL studio and record something. I imagine that will take a couple more weeks and BIOS flashes. Or hot flashes. Or just pain and sadness. Every computer part should show the cost in pain and sadness. Every. Part.

I am NOT building my next computer. ROBOTS hate me. Right now I HATE ME, so I relate.

Sharing Time! For the curious here's my system;

ASUS X99-a/USB 3.1 Motherboard
Intel i7-5820K Haswell-E 3.3 Ghz Processor
64 GB DDR4 3000 RAM
2x MSI GeForce GTX 750Ti video cards
1TB m.2 on board SD drive
2x 500GB sata 3 SD drives (striped RAID via MB controller)
2x 1.8TB WD 7200RPM sata drives (striped via Windows Hates Me)
DVD/CD optical (sata)

I picked up the Focusrite Clarett 8Pre. I use FL Studio Pro as my DAW of choice. I have a MAudio Axiom 49 for a controller and a XKeys X68 with Jog controller I program for quick-keys on several of my tools like DAW, Adobe Suite, etc.

I might even make a song soon!