The Life and Times of Trentin

Whew. Lot's going on, lots of changes;

1) Gave up on Focusrite and Thunderbolt. Sent it all back. Diving into USB2 and MOTU's MK IV mini. Not much else on the music front as of yet, still figuring out how I want to dive in.

2) I am not going to create GURPS stuff. I want to create stuff for Open Content games.

3) I want to publish books, electronic and physical. I don't want to do the online thing. Just not where my heart is at. Tired of not following my heart.

4) I'm probably jumping into Starfinder (from Paizo) and Pathfinder 2. It has enough crunch, player options, and the right amount of fancy. Also, I giant crowd of fans. I feel like publishing for this crowd would make me one of the cool kids. Also, I believe the player base is more excited! I need that kind of enthusiastic feedback loop.

5) LOTS of self reflection lately. Watching the troubling times whiz past. Listening to great music. Being super emotional all the time.

6) I'm clearing out some games I will never play. Doing a bunch of ebay sales. I will post the list here first for friends and followers first.

7) Work is going great. I love working at Pushpay!

8) My new eating habits are paying off! A little more than 10 pounds dropped in a couple weeks. Completely gave up artificial sweetener! Sucralose was spiking my blood-sugar. Doing the Biotrust low carb shakes, and Keto.

9) Still trying to find the motivation to do some exercise.

I feel a lot of trepidation lately. Like we're collectively just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I can't shake the sense of dread. It's not overwhelming, just itching at the back of my mind. I can't sleep without sleeping pills. Mind is just too busy right now.

That is it for the moment! Thanks for checking in.